ICC World T20 2016 schedule and venues - Hosted by India

Check out the complete ICC World T20 schedule and venues - Hosted by India

Tuesday, Mar 8:
Zimbabwe vs Hong Kong (PM), Nagpur;
Scotland vs Afghanistan (Eve.), Nagpur.
Wednesday, Mar 9:
Bangladesh vs Netherlands (PM), Dharamsala;
Ireland vs Oman (Eve.), Dharamsala.
Thursday, Mar 10: 
Scotland vs Zimbabwe (PM), Nagpur;
Hong Kong vs Afghanistan (Eve.), Nagpur.
Friday, Mar 11:
Netherlands vs Oman (PM), Dharamsala;
Bangladesh vs Ireland (Eve.), Dharamsala.
Saturday, Mar 12:
Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan (PM), Nagpur;
Scotland vs Hong Kong (Eve.), Nagpur.
Sunday, Mar 13:
Netherlands vs Ireland (PM), Dharamsala;
Bangladesh vs Oman (Eve.), Dharamsala.
Tuesday, Mar 15: 
New Zealand vs India (Eve), Nagpur.
Wednesday, Mar 16:
West Indies vs England (PM),Mumbai;
Pakistan vs Q1A (Eve.), Kolkata; 
Thursday: Mar 17: 
Sri Lanka vs Q1B (Eve.), Kolkata.
Friday, Mar 18:
Australia vs New Zealand (PM),
Dharamsala; South Africa vs England (Eve.), Mumbai; 
Saturday, Mar 19: 
India vs Pakistan (Eve.), Dharamsala
Sunday, Mar 20:
South Africa vs Q1B (PM), Mumbai;
Sri Lanka vs West Indies (Eve.), Bengaluru.
Monday, Mar 21: 
Australia vs Q1A (Eve.), Bengaluru.
Tuesday, Mar 22:
New Zealand vs Pakistan (Eve.), Mohali.
Wednesday, Mar 23:
England vs Q1B (PM), New Delhi;
India vs Q1A (Eve.), Bengaluru; 
Friday, Mar 25:
Pakistan vs Australia (PM), Mohali;
South Africa vs West Indies, (Eve.), Nagpur.
Saturday, Mar 26:
Q1A vs New Zealand (PM), Kolkata;
England vs Sri Lanka (Eve.), New Delhi; 
Sunday, Mar 27: 
India vs Australia (Eve.), Mohali;
Q1B vs West Indies (PM), Nagpur.
Monday, Mar 28: 
South Africa vs Sri Lanka (Eve.), New Delhi.
Tuesday, Mar 29:
Rest/Travel day.
Wed, Mar 30:
Semi-final (Super 10 Group 1 2nd vs Super 10 Group 2 1st) (Eve.), New Delhi.
Thursday, Mar 31: 
Semi-final (Super 10 Group 1 2nd v Super 10 Group 2 1st) (Eve.), Mumbai.
Fri, Apr 1:
Rest/Travel day
Sat, Apr 2:
Rest/Travel day
Sun, Apr 3: 
Final (Eve.), Kolkata.

ICC World T20 2016 Scheduled - Hosted by India

ICC World Twenty20 to be held between 11th March To 3rd April in 2016 hosted by India.

Group A - Bangladesh, Netherlands, Ireland and Oman
Group B - Zimbabwe, Scotland, Hong Kong and Afghanistan

Super 10 Group 1 - Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies, England and winner group B (Q1B)
Super 10 Group 2 - India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and winner group A (Q1A)

Top Ten Teams has been divided into two group (Super 10 Group 1 & 2). Additional nation (Group A & B) have to pass the round one and the qualified two team will play in any one of the Super 10 Group.

Most anticipated Game in this tournment.

India Vs Pakistan will take place at Dharamshala on March 19 2016.

Semi final will be held at Delhi and Mumbai and Kolkata's Eden Gardens.

BCCI and ICC is working together to make it a lifetime experience for the players and the fans.

Click Here For Complete Schedule 

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